At Bibimbowls, we’re all about bowls with attitude. We believe what you put into your body should be in complete harmony with your mind and soul. So, whatever you need - we’ve got a bowl that more than matches.


Our superstar chef, Rex De Guzman, has created 9 signature bowls that leave a lasting impression on all your senses. Bringing the freshest ingredients and a mix of meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan options to choose from. 


However, if you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to try something unique - our Build Your Own (BYO) concept lets you do exactly that. Leaving your bowl’s attitude completely down to you.


Making up your bowl is done in 3 simple steps - building on either a warm or cold base, you then add your choice of protein and sauce, before finishing it off with fresh, delicious ingredients. It’s as easy as BYO.

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Looking down our Korean-inspired menu, you’ll find hearty combinations of authentic, sustainable and tasty cuisine. Food is never just food in Korea. It’s balance, it’s nourishment for both the mind and soul. Each dish is crafted thoughtfully with a keen eye on nutritional values and benefits, with each item designed to balance another in synchronicity. 


These core beliefs result in food that looks beautiful and makes you feel healthy – inside and out. Providing a unity of flavours quite unlike any other cuisine. And each one of our Bibimbowls follows this same set of core principles. 


Whether you’re after succulent pork, tasty chicken, or our flavourful veggie options - you can pick up our food with ultimate convenience. Not only can you order click-and-collect direct from our website, you can find us exclusively on Deliveroo, and even order takeaway from our physical location in Battersea, South West London.  


As far as food goes, we believe in simple, soulful combinations and putting your trust in ultra-fresh ingredients. Resulting in healthy meals that nourish the soul.